United Lutheran Church Men in Mission – did I mention Fries with (or without) cheese ? 

Mandy’s Soft Pretzels – more then just soft pretzels available from Mandy’s !! 

Boy Scout Troop 331 – Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pierogies, Potato Cakes!! and your supporting the Boy Scouts in our area !! 

Wagner’s Wasted Whoopie Pies – I think the name says it all here !!! they are a new Vendor this year, come out and show them some Northumberland County Fair love !!

Butch’s Smokehouse Fixx – Joining us again this year, Butch’s will fixx you up with some of the tastiest food you’ll find this side of the Susquehanna !!

Ed Miller Concessions – Got a thirst? How about some fresh squeezed lemonade or orangeade?   Got a craving for some Philadelphia Water Ice? Ed’s concession stand is the place to head over to.

Cherry Hill Farms – Another new Food Vendor this year, come on over and try their Paulpetas.  Think, cheese filled, deep fried, meat balls !! Haven’t ever heard of them? well, here’s your chance to give them a try !  

Bob Miller Concessions – that place you go for the ‘traditional’ fair fillings Shaved ice? He’s got it ! Cotton Candy? Right here. Candy or Carmel Apple? he’s got it covered !! Carmel Corn? Roasted Peanuts? Pickle on a stick? Stick with Bob he’s got your back !! 

Gandma’s Apple Dumplings – hot, handmade fresh goodness in a bowl !! and don’t forget the ice cream on top.. mmm (Also your best bet for a milk shake !! ) and did someone say Rice Pudding?? 

Messy Napkin – with a name like that?? who can resist !! Grab some extra napkins and find your favorite mess !!