2023 Entertainment

Wed. 8/23

5-7pm Dr Lenny Gessner (magician) (Pavillion) New

4-6pm Van Wagner (Main Stage)

7-9pm Jim McClincy & Special Delivery (Main Stage)

Thur. 8/24

3-7pm Frank & Kathy Deluca (wandering minstrels)

4-6pm Chris T Harp & All Star Players (Main Stage)

7-9pm Frank Wicher Band (Main Stage)

Fri. 8/25

3-7pm Frank & Kathy Deluca (wandering minstrels)

5-7pm Leo Armbruster (Pavillion)

7-9pm Allan Combs’ Soul Machine (Main Stage)

Sat. 8/26

10am-noon Leon Broskey (Pavillion)

12-2pm Adam & the Armadillos (Main Stage) New

3:30-5:30pm Ann Kerstetter Band (Main Stage)

5-7pm John Derk (Pavillion)

7-9pm The After Hours Big Band. (Main Stage) New